TRICKS • 18-03-2014
Group items on your to-do list by the context needed for its execution (where do you have to be, with whom, in what mental state, ...). 
Don't make a huge list of possible contexts. Try these out before expanding too much:
- @office
- @home
- @errands
- person_x
- quick_tasks
- decisions_to_make
If you don't want to loose your normal grouping, keep that, and add a symbol next to each item representing that context information.
The idea is that when you look at your to-do list you can easily make selections based on your execution conditions. You should be able to answer these type of questions:
- I'm going to meet with my boss, what issues do I want to discuss with him?
- I'm going to the supermarket before going home, any other errands?
- Low energy. Anything quick and easy over there that may keep me productive?
- I feel superman: give me hard decisions to make.
- ...


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Thanks for this write up. I was looking for a better understanding of context. Well...I actually was looking
for a list of possible contexts I could use.
in 2014-03-19 14:25:29
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