TRICKS • 05-11-2013
Use at least a part of your day to Deep-Focus activites. Allow yourself to disconnect from everything(!) for a period of time and dive into some high-value complex tasks.

Depending on your job, this could be half an hour or half a day. Adapt it to your needs of responsiveness. You probably can't just be disconnected forever if your team/customer/boss needs you, but don't assume you can't disconnect at all for short periods.

During that tunnel-period, turn off alerts, switch mobile to flight or silent mode, use a fake meeting with yourself, go home early, use headphones (even without music), turn your chair to the wall, close the office door (try to have a routine period on that one), close your computer lid, disconnect the internet cable, etc....

As with all the TRICKS, the most important is to TRY different things. Be creative! You are the only true expert on your job! Just don't assume "I can't do that" without testing for real. There's usually more than meets the eye...

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