TRICKS • 25-03-2014
A good reminder shows up at the right time. Snoozing a reminder more than once is not a good sign. Create clever reminders, preferably out of your head.
The right time

It's always best to set up reminders that ring exactly at the right time when you can take care of it. If not, treat the reminder as any other regular input, colect it and process it later. If it should ring again, decide right away exactly when.


Stop the snooze
Snoozing a reminder more than once usually means you are avoiding deciding when it should really ring usefully. Snoozing over and over again is a waste of focus and peace of mind.
Calendar reminders
If you use calendar reminders (ex. for periodic dentist), consider programming an automatic email sent to your inbox. It's the right action-circuit.
Reminders vs to-do list
Don't take your list of reminders for a to-do list. It's not and it won't have the right features to be one. Convert reminders into to-do items and keep those worlds separate.
Mental reminders vs clever ones
The more you charge your head with mental reminders, the less reliable they get. Consider clever reminders, like putting stuff at the door so you don't forget to take it when you leave. Be creative!
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